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Silk tie dyed Easter eggs are so much fun to make and way less messy than buying a dying kit or using vinegar and food colouring!

silk tie die Easter eggs

First you’ll need to start with 100% silk ties. Right now we’re on skiing vacation, so rather than rid Mr. MK of a few duds laying around in his closet, I picked up a few from a thrift shop in Banff. It’s a good thing we were buying them to destroy, because the pickin’s were slim and ugly (unlike me … ahahaha).

silk tie dye Easter eggs

A good looking tie doesn’t necessarily mean a good looking Easter egg, so go ahead and use whatever you can find. Generally, I’ve found brighter colours turn out the best, but the results are always a bit of a surprise and what make this so much fun.

silk tie dye Easter eggs

Go ahead and open up the ties by removing the stitching up the middle. Most likely you’ll find that there is a white liner inside the tie. Set this aside to use later on.

silk tie dye Easter eggs

Wrap your egg in the silk fabric and tie it up at one end. We used dental floss, mostly because we are on holiday and I didn’t bring any sort of string. Just call me McGuyver … or not!

silk tie dye Easter eggs

This is where you can get creative. You can use one large piece of fabric or several small strips. We found it was easier for small hands, if the fabric was wet when it was wrapped around the egg.

silk tie dye Easter eggs

In addition, through trial and error we discovered that you don’t get large white spaces on your finished Easter eggs if you wrap the egg many times over with the string.

After you’ve wrapped the egg in silk you’ll need to wrap it in a clean white cotton. Normally, I’d cut up an old pillowcase, but our holiday accommodation doesn’t come with old pillow cases, so we used the white liner that was removed from the tie earlier.

silk tie dye Easter eggs

Boil the eggs for 20 minutes in water and a 1/4 cup of white vinegar.

silk tie dye Easter eggs

My kids are impatient, so I have a bowl of cold water waiting for the cooked eggs. I remove them from boiling water and let them sit in the cold water for 10 minutes.

 tie dye Easter eggs

The kids love unwrapping them! Every one is different.

silk tie dye Easter eggs

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